Serenity : Rice Field

Rice Fields at Solok,  West Sumatera
Rice Fields at Solok, West Sumatera

I’ve made a journal entitled “Sebuah Perisai Untuk Alif” which tells the story of someone who seek serenity in a way to live alone in the forest. Because in the forest, there will no people who disturb his life.

At the end of the journal I cited a story about a king who held a painting contest with the theme of serenity I have ever read. The essence of the story is a description or explanation that serenity could be anywhere. Serenity can be felt everywhere. In the forest, on the beach, in the sea, in the mountains, even in the crowded city.

Photos of rice fields above may imply serenity. At least, I feel the effects when looking at the rice fields. I find the view when I came out of the office building where I conduct assistance for the implementation of information systems some time ago. The back office is directly adjacent to the rice fields, then the row of trees with green leaves, and fortified with a mountain chain. They are under the blue sky with white a groups of clouds. I take the photo at Solok, West Sumatra at Ramadan in the year 2012.

I think, there is serenity that burst when looking at the photo. What do you think? Do You have a themed photo serenity as well?
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