[EF#3] How Gadgets Affect My Life

In my opinion, gadgets have many types and kinds. Handphone is one of them. Because I only have a handphone, I will write how it affect my life.

I have a handphone for the first time in 2001. I did not buy it. My uncle gave it to me. As a gift. It has been in my hand for six years. Approximately. The full story about the handphone that I wrote for a giveaway and was elected as one of the winners can be read at this link.

In September 2011, I bought a new handphone  to replace the previous mobile phone that can only be used for SMS and phone only. I bought it because I need a handphone that can also be used to connect to internet and witha camera to take pictures or video Syaikhan. And now, Sabiq too.

I am still using the handphone. It’s function that I need still running well. However I can not add new applications which require considerable memory and higher operating systems. And after a few years, it’s battery capacity is decreased.  The battery went down drastically after I used it in a few minutes to connect internet. Finally, I do not activate internet connection all day long to save the power. I think this condition have a positif value.  I did not linger using the handphone.

On the phone I have some installed applications. Here are a few applications that I use most often.

Opera Mini. I use it for browsing the internet, read the email, facebook, twitter, blogs, and other web.

iQuran Lite. I used it to read the verses of Al-Quran. This application that makes me very dependent on the handphone. Because I always give a mark on verses that I read in the application and never use mushaf again. So, if the handphone left behind or the battery is low, I could not continue my reading.

WhatsApp.  I used it to chat with a friend and join into several groups. Because I do not connect to internet throughout the day, I always miss some conversation. And when the internet connection is activated,  a lot of notifications will appear.

I have an unpleasant experience related to gadgets. One day I was working in a group of three people. We sat around a table. I was in the middle. In front of me there was a laptop.

My job is typing group member’s opinion on issues or statements that is being displayed on the screen. After I read the statement, I ask the other members. Apparently, they did not give a respond on statement that I read. A friend on my right was busy communicating via Android, while the other on the left is using his blackberry.

Perhaps this incident will be a reminder to me not to do the same things to others.

[English Friday]  How Gadgets Affect My Life

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17 respons untuk ‘[EF#3] How Gadgets Affect My Life

  1. limaumanes Januari 23, 2015 / 16:33

    Samseng gio bkn si itu bang hehe

      • limaumanes Januari 23, 2015 / 17:13

        Oo keliatan lbh panjang. Aku pernah jg pake fit bang.. Lumayan kameranya cuma klh d os aja hehe

      • jampang Januari 23, 2015 / 22:06

        yup kameranya udah bagus. OSnya masih froyo 😀

      • limaumanes Januari 24, 2015 / 01:46

        Bisa d upgrade ke gingerbread bang. Dulu aku udh gb jd bsa pake aplikasu lbh banyak terutama bbm 😀

      • jampang Januari 24, 2015 / 05:16

        memory internalnya udah terbatas juga. padahal di keterangannya, semua aplikasi terinstal di memory eksternal

  2. Anggun Januari 23, 2015 / 17:36

    Mending kalo meeting bikin peraturan no hp allowed. Sebel emang kalo lagi ngomong dicuekin *curcol* 😀

    • jampang Januari 23, 2015 / 22:07

      belum ada aturanya. lha wong kadang pimpinan rapat juga buka-buka HP 😀

  3. partnerinvain Januari 23, 2015 / 20:54

    I use my old nokia just for sms and calling and my life feels so simplier and easier 🙂

  4. ayanapunya Januari 23, 2015 / 21:14

    masih ponsel yang kemarin ya, mas?

    • jampang Januari 23, 2015 / 22:08

      iya mbak. belum saya ganti 😀

  5. aqied Januari 24, 2015 / 06:27

    Aku belom pernah pke samsung

    • jampang Januari 24, 2015 / 09:34

      baru ini doank smartphone yang pernah saya punya 😀

  6. Ryan Januari 26, 2015 / 13:23

    Sometime life is so much easier when fruits were only fruits. And snacks were only snacks. hahahaha.
    I have the same problem Mas. When connect to internet, the battery runs out fast. A friend told me that, Indonesian network is really bad, they have to search more and this consumed more battery.

    • jampang Januari 26, 2015 / 13:34

      ooo…. i see.
      i think the problem caused by the way i charged the phone and using it as a modem

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