Scale : Hands, Hills, and Sea

father and son

This week, play with scale. Insert something into a scene to highlight size: your two-year-old in a field of flowers. A dime next to the huge cinnamon roll you picked up at the bakery. Shoot the giant pile of laundry making your couch look tiny by comparison.* Snap a picture of naturally occurring elements, like a Great Dane and Chihuahua together at the dog run. Share a photo from an airplane window showing us the plane’s engine against the ant-like background of the ground below.

To join this time, I chose three photos. The first one, I picked it up this morning on the bed. A photograph tat shows a comparison between my hand with my two months son’s hand. My hand is clearly seen much larger than Sabiq’s. A comparison which I think is very clear.

antara meulaboh - banda aceh [11]

The second photo is a photograph taken by my colleagues when we were on the way from Meulaboh to Banda Aceh a few years ago. We decided to stop at the location where the photograph was taken because we were fascinated by the location at that time. We were on a road that is constructed by dividing the hill.

Something behind me was not a wall, but part of the hill that “divide” to built the road on it. The size of my body looks very small compared with the parts of the hill.

Another photo that I can capture that journey can be seen on the album “Jalan Antara Meulaboh – Banda Aceh“.

looking the see @meulaboh - sumatera
looking the see @meulaboh

The last photo is a photo of me when sitting on a dock or port situated on the edge of the city of Meulaboh. Comparison in the picture is much larger than the two previous photos, my body and a boat compared with the sea.

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