[EF#9 – Weekly Challenge] Meet-up Moments


To answer the BEC’s week 9 challenge, I will write my meet-up moments with the bloggers when I was active in Multiply. Because, when I was active in Multiply, I had several times meet-up moments. After Multiply disbanded, I have never again have meet-up moments which was attended by many people.

First meet-up moment is on Saturday, March 12, 2011. It was the first time my meet-up moment with MPers at UI. I came with Syaikhan and my brother.

At the location, I saw many of the MPers (call for bloggers who active in Multiply) came. The atmosphere is very pronounced familiarity among MPers. Maybe because they often met each other or because of the atmosphere of familiarity in the virtual world carried on in the real world.

The event begins with an introduction. Each MPers introduce themself to others. Including me.

After the introduction, it was time for documentation. The MPers who bring camera taking pictures of other MPers. I intend to join with friends MPers and posing. By holding Syaikhan, I stepped to join. But sudennly, Syaikhan cry and ask away. So I missed the moment.

In the event, I received seven books as gifts. I gote them because my seven Quick Notes (QN) was elected as one of winners QN Ala Tobie.

The second meet-up moment occurred in July 2011. The location is at a kindergarten school in the Pejaten.

The event is quite lively. There are several booths that open stalls selling. There is a race event specifically for MPers’s children. The event was also invited orphans to be given gifts. There is also a book discussion and book swap. Unfortunately, I could not join both of them.

The third meet-up moment with MPers that I visited was not as vibrant as the two previous. Perhaps, because the issue that Multiply will be dissolved. In the end, Multiply is disbanded. The MPers choose different platforms for blogging. A few of them are no longer eager to re-write the blog. For me, I choos WordPress for my blogging activity. I hope, I will have meet-up moment with WPers in the near future.

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31 respons untuk ‘[EF#9 – Weekly Challenge] Meet-up Moments

  1. dani Maret 6, 2015 / 11:52

    Now I’m wondering how was bloggin in multiply. I read so many times that MPers interactions were very close.

    • jampang Maret 6, 2015 / 11:59

      I think and MPers think, Multiply is a place where blog and facebook are unite. one thing that why we are close each other in the virtual is the OOT comments. the comments are so wide from the topic blog. like i write about A, than the others comment about B. but that is not a problem for everyone.

    • ranselijo Maret 6, 2015 / 14:02

      Same question with Bang Dani. Because when I read Mbak Anggun’s blog, she did a meet up also when still blogging in multiply.

      • jampang Maret 6, 2015 / 14:15

        maybe you can read the two links in this post to know how the MPers get connected.

  2. nengwie Maret 6, 2015 / 14:03

    Aaahh Multiply emang ngangeniin… berasa jadi saudara dekat semua..mudah-mudahan teteh di WP menemukan kembali “kehangatan” di WP ini…

    OOT ..? hahaa ini malah yg bikin rameee…dan ndak ada yg tersinggung atau memandang aneh ya Kang… 😃

    • jampang Maret 6, 2015 / 14:16


      iya, teh. malahan bisa lebih panjang OOTnya daripada isi blognya 😀

  3. zilko Maret 6, 2015 / 14:05

    Wow, kopdarnya rame banget!

    • jampang Maret 6, 2015 / 14:16

      sepertinya itu nggak semuanya masuk ke dalam frame foto 😀

  4. Ryan Maret 6, 2015 / 19:38

    I forgot how is it like being MPers. I was also a member back then but not as active as today on WP. I even forgot my ID. Hiks.

    • jampang Maret 7, 2015 / 05:27

      wow… you are MPers to?
      my journals in this blog that posted before hmm… maybe september 2012… I wrote as MPers

      • Ryan Maret 7, 2015 / 05:44

        I see. Now many MPers join WP right?

      • jampang Maret 7, 2015 / 05:57

        i think so…. and many other join blogspot or facebook

      • Ryan Maret 7, 2015 / 06:01

        Kayaknya Mba Tinsyam ada bikin yang kayak MP kan ya mas

      • jampang Maret 7, 2015 / 14:43

        iya. cuma sekarang kurang aktif di MP. sepertinya lebih sering ke IG

      • Ryan Maret 7, 2015 / 16:17

        iya. dia di IG lebih sering.

      • jampang Maret 8, 2015 / 05:36

        kebalikannya, saya nggak ikutan IG

  5. Gara Maret 6, 2015 / 20:10

    Ooh, MP-ers. Many bloggers whom I found here were MP-ers–and they shared an identity that wouldn’t be forgotten, a bond that is so strong. And I sincerely hope that all of us here could form a bond as strong as yours back then–if not stronger, of course.
    So, when do you think is the most suitable time for all of us to meet, Mas? :hehe.

    • jampang Maret 7, 2015 / 05:31

      i can’t asnwer the question. sorry. but i’m sure that time will come…. insya Allah

  6. Rivanlee Maret 7, 2015 / 06:46

    Awal kali ngeblog saya di MP. MP kini tinggal kenangan :”

    • jampang Maret 7, 2015 / 14:44

      padahal MP itu blog paling keren 😀

  7. salmanrafan Maret 7, 2015 / 20:36

    Ada sayaaaa.. Sebelahan sama mas jampang

    • jampang Maret 8, 2015 / 05:39

      yap. itu kopdar yang paling rame kayanya

    • jampang Maret 8, 2015 / 05:40

      insya Allah…. sementara save as aja dulu yah 😀

      • salmanrafan Maret 8, 2015 / 09:33

        Sudah diterima. Makasiiih

      • jampang Maret 8, 2015 / 14:12


  8. damarojat Maret 8, 2015 / 23:20

    a meet-up with children friendly facility…cool…

    • jampang Maret 9, 2015 / 07:40

      anak-anak senang, ortu bahagia 😀

  9. museliem Maret 10, 2015 / 16:13

    If i’m not mistaken.. I was there too….

    • jampang Maret 10, 2015 / 16:37

      yup. kita ketemuan. di UI dan yang ketiga yah?

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