[EF#16 Weekly Challenge] A Tale of a Stone Miner

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Reading is not my hobby. However, when I was a child, I liked to read comic in “Pos Kota”. Almost every day I would go to my uncle’s house to read the the newspaper. Usually, I read comics with characters such as Ali Oncom, Doyok, Otoy, Noni, Jim Toge, and so on. There is also a serial comics like “Rais” or “Derry Tadarus”.

On Sunday, beside reading the comics I also read the children’s story that was published in a full page.There was a story I’ve ever read in the Pos Kota and I still remember until now. But I do not remember the title and character in the story. Be grateful is the moral of the story. At least that’s what I got.

I will tell you the story …

There was a man who work as a stones miner. Every day he went to the hill and hit the stones in the hill. The stones that he got will be sold to stone collector so he would get some money.

He was bored with his poor life. The money that he Received just enough to eat. He can not have a nice house and clothes. Then he shouted to the God.

“God, I want to be rich!”

God heard his request. The man became rich instantly. He has a good house and good clothes. He was delighted.

Until one day, he saw a convoy of the king and his army crossed his village. He envied the greatness of the king. He wanted to be a king. He asked the gods.

“Gods, I want to be the king!”

God heard his request. In an instant, he was transformed into a king. He lived in a magnificent palace, He had maids and soldiers who will escort him anywhere. He life happy.

Until one day, a disastrous fire destroyed his castle and kingdom. The whole his treasures and properties were exhausted. He was angry and upset because of his prowess as a king was destroyed by fire. He thought, if He becomes a fire, He will be the greatest on earth. He asked the God.

“God, I wanted to be a fire!”

Gods granted his request. He was transformed into a large fire. As the fire, He devouring all things that exist. He burned the houses, trees, and anything. He laughed proudly. He felt no one can beat him.

Until one day, there was a heavy rain. The large fire went to shrink. The fire thought, maybe the water is the greatest on the earth because it can beat the fire. He also wants to be the water. Then he asked God.

“Gods I want to be the water!”

Again, God granted his request. The man has been transformed into water. As the water, He went around the village and flooded it. Many homes that He destroyed. People were afraid of him. However there is an object that can not be destroyed by him. It was a hill. When the water trying to destroy the hill, the hill was still standing strongly.

The man thought, maybe the hill was greatest. Then he asked again to God to make him become a hill.

“God, I want to be a hill!”

God granted his request. He was turned into a high hill. There was no fire can burn him. There was no water that could be flooded him. He felt proud.

Until one day, he felt pain in one part of his body. He looked and saw a man who was banging her with a hammer. The hill was screaming in pain. Because of the pain, He was asking to the God.

“Gods, I want to be a stones miner!”

God granted his request. Now the man back into his life was, as a stone miner.

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24 respons untuk ‘[EF#16 Weekly Challenge] A Tale of a Stone Miner

  1. zilko April 24, 2015 / 17:16

    Hehe, there is always something unpleasant no matter what we do in life. So just take it and be grateful about it 😀 .

    • jampang April 26, 2015 / 05:10

      some time we think what we have is bad, but actually it is the best for use. we just need time to realize that.

  2. alrisblog April 24, 2015 / 18:07

    Awal saya di Jakarta jualan di kakilima Tanah Abang selalu langganan pos kota. Rata2 pedagang kaki lima saat itu pasti langganan pos kota. Saya suka pelototi gambar karikaturnya.

    • jampang April 26, 2015 / 05:10

      saya juga baca bagian karikaturnya doank. kalau bagian beritanya nyaris saya nggak baca 😀

  3. Firman April 25, 2015 / 07:21

    nilai moralnya tetep kita harus bersyukur, di atas langit masih ada langit. tapi gak cuma itu, ada pelajaran lain, bukit pun merasa sakit kalo terus2an ditambang.

    • jampang April 26, 2015 / 05:19

      yup. betul.
      kalau sudah sampai puncaknya, bukit juga bisa marah 😀

  4. Febriyan Lukito April 25, 2015 / 08:05

    Ah. A very good picture of a man. Never get enough with what they have in life. Thank you for sharing Mas.

    • jampang April 26, 2015 / 05:18

      because a man like to look some one else that have better life than his

  5. Gara April 25, 2015 / 09:23

    Oh, kalau di daerah saya juga ada Mas cerita seperti ini, tentang sepasang terompah raja, sama persis, mereka tidak puas dengan kehidupannya dan memohon ini itu kepada Tuhan, dan selalu dikabulkannya, sampai akhirnya mereka tidak puas lagi dan memohon menjadi Tuhan itu sendiri. Cuma akhirnya saya lupa, antara mereka jadi terompah lagi yang kemudian dibuang atau menjadi sepasang tikus, ya? :hehe.
    Intinya kita mesti bersyukur, ya…

    • jampang April 26, 2015 / 05:17

      mungkin banyak versinya, gar.
      betul… bersyukur… itu intinya

  6. cahyanidwy April 25, 2015 / 10:33

    Remind us that there is always a sky above the sky :). Story of wisdom 🙂 TFS

    • jampang April 26, 2015 / 05:16

      your welcome
      someone said, to be happy, we must compare with other people’s condition that poorer than us

  7. Ira April 25, 2015 / 23:28

    manusia, ga pernah puas dengan apa yang dimilikinya. Padahal kita mestinya selalu bersyukur ya 🙂

    • jampang April 26, 2015 / 05:11

      seharusnya begitu, mbak

  8. nianastiti April 26, 2015 / 12:42

    Your story remind me to be grateful and stop comparing our life with others. Very nice story, I amazed the way you write this long story 😀

    • jampang April 27, 2015 / 05:39

      thank you.
      maybe because I still remember this one, so I can rewrite part of it in my blog 😀

  9. rizzaumami April 26, 2015 / 13:52

    Bajigur tenan. If I were him, I want to kill myself 😕

  10. Eka Novita April 27, 2015 / 04:52

    This tale reflects human vices, ungrateful and greedy. May Allah keep us away from bad traits like this.

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