[EF#20 Weekly Challenge] Sadness and Books

sadness and book

A relationship is a part of a person’s life. If life is often likened to a spinning wheel, sometimes above sometimes below, then so does a relationship. A relationship could be on top of sweetness. At other times, a relationship could fall into the abyss of bitterness. Sweet and bitter of a relationship will bring the effect someone’s life who felt it.

I have experienced how sweet and bitter a relationship and its effects. Here I will tell you about the effect that happened to me when my relationship was crash. At the end of 2010, my marriage crashed by storm. I was divorced.

2011, may be the time for healing of wounds and sorrow that I felt. In addition, the divorce process is not as easy the marriage process. Divorce procedures made mor complicated. I must go to court several times.

2012, may be the time for me to dispel fears, doubts, and fears that I felt. There were concerns that the bitter experience in my marriage will happen again in the future. There were doubts that I could not feel the beauty of the menage again. There was a fear that I would get hurt again or I will hurt woman who became my life partner later.

In 2013, it probably was time for me to start searching a figure of my soul mate. This process is also not easy. There will be more consideration than my first marriage.

The shadows of the past, not only haunt me, but it could also haunt the mind of the woman who would become my wife someday. She would have thought that one day I will get back to my ex-wife. She could also think if I ever divorced my previous wife, then there is also the possibility that one day I will divorce her.

In the searching and the waiting period, I believe, that there are things that can be enjoyed in solitude. However, I believe also that it would be a greater pleasure if perceived in a togetherness. Loneliness may be good, but in pairs, will be much better. And I believe it.

Perhaps there is truth in a sentence I’ve ever heard. “Sadness will make the art”. Maybe that’s more or less like what I experienced. In times when I was sad, I feel a change in myself. The changes also occur in my blog. Earlier I just like making articles around everyday events a.k.a non-fiction, at that time, I started to like making fiction.

From many articles that I have made, I was finally able to publish several books. One book in 2011. Five books in 2012. A book in 2013.

In October 2011, my first book titled “Jejak-jejak yang Terserak” published by indie. The book contains some sort of record of daily events as I can see, hear, and feel.

In October or November 2012, I published five books indie too. The first book is ” Jejak-jejak yang Terserak” volume II as a sequel of the previous volume.

The second book was a novel titled “Perempan Berjilbab Kuning“. Its contents may be less talked about my sadness and my expectations.

The third book was a collection of short stories titled “Lelaki dan …“. Its contents fiction stories about a man with his variety of situations and conditions in his life.

The fourth book was the form of a collection of poems entitled “Rima Perjalanan Cinta“.

The fifth book was also a collection of poems entitled “Rima Perjalanan Jiwa“.

In the  October 2013, a book that was a combination of the two previous book “Jejak-jejak yang Terserak”, published in major publisher.

That is my story about the effects of the collapse relationship that I’ve ever experienced. Surely, I will not regret what has happened. What I feel today with my new family that I have is the best thing I have. I shall make every effort to maintain the existing relationship forever. Insha Allah.

— EF#20 – Relationship Effect —

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8 respons untuk ‘[EF#20 Weekly Challenge] Sadness and Books

  1. Orin Mei 22, 2015 / 09:53

    Iya bangrif, para pencipta lagu juga bisa menggubah lagu masterpiece justru saat mereka patah hati kabarnya ya heuheu. Jadi bisa dibilang the sadness transformed into books ya. Bravo! :))

    • jampang Mei 22, 2015 / 20:39

      mungkin jadinya bukan pas waktu sedih ya, teh. tapi setelah kesedihan berlalu dan memorynya masih tersimpan, jadilah sebuah karya
      terima kasih

  2. zilko Mei 22, 2015 / 13:50

    Bitter and sweet moments are the ones that make life colorful 🙂

    • jampang Mei 22, 2015 / 20:38

      yup. without them, life is ‘hampa’ 😀

  3. Febriyan Lukito Mei 22, 2015 / 21:22

    Saya suka Tereliye pertama kali karena kisah patah hatinya. Sekarang gak dapet feelnya pas baca bukunya spt dulu.

    Nice share mas.

    • jampang Mei 23, 2015 / 06:00

      saya belum baca satu pun buku tere liye 😀
      terima kasih, mas

  4. dani Mei 23, 2015 / 18:47

    Dramatic state of the heart push human to create touching works.

    • jampang Mei 24, 2015 / 05:25

      maybe the creating process was not when someone fallen in the sadness, but after the sadness gone and the memory still in his/her mind.
      that was what i read in an article

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