[EF#22 Weekly Challenge] Failed Holiday You Wish To Do It

Klenteng Sam Po Kong - Semarang
Klenteng Sam Po Kong – Semarang

Actually, it was difficult for me to fulfill English Friday Challenge this time with theme “Failed Holiday That Still Want To Do”. The reason, I almost never made a plan for a holiday or vacation then fail. Not because all of of my vacation plans always go well. But because I rarely plan a getaway to a place in in detail and then fail because of one thing and another.

I’m not the type of person who likes to travel. I’m not a traveler. If anyone ever read my post in this blog about the place or location I’ve ever visited, actually, I never made a plane for visiting them. Usually, I using the rest time after doing tasks from the office. Such as when visiting several locations in Semarang some time ago, I did it in the afternoon and evening after completing the task. And it was not planned from the beginning.

Meanwhile, if a holiday, I prefer to spend time at home to rest, watch television shows or movies, and hanging out with family.

So in conclusion, I can not fulfill the challenges of this week. : D

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19 respons untuk ‘[EF#22 Weekly Challenge] Failed Holiday You Wish To Do It

  1. Eka Novita Juni 12, 2015 / 14:04

    aku juga kayaknya ga pernah bang, wong memang jarang pergi jalan-jalan, Ihikk !.

    • jampang Juni 12, 2015 / 14:37

      idem kalau begitu, mbak 😀

  2. Febriyan Lukito Juni 12, 2015 / 14:31

    Perhaps there is a place that you want to visit with Sabiq and Miyu Mas. Semarang maybe?

    • jampang Juni 12, 2015 / 14:38

      hmm… the firt place that i want to visit with sabiq and minyu is ragunan zoo, like I said in BEC challenge before

      • Febriyan Lukito Juni 12, 2015 / 14:49

        Ah. So that’s your holiday you wish for Mas. Hehe

      • jampang Juni 12, 2015 / 14:50

        than I told that in previous challenge. but not in detail. 😀

    • jampang Juni 12, 2015 / 16:13

      saya belum baca penuh, tapi pernah baca sekilas tentang laksamana cheng ho itu, pak

  3. zilko Juni 12, 2015 / 16:09

    I also never like to plan everything in detail. It just creates more stress and pressure during the trip, which makes us not enjoy the trip, which violates the very purpose of the trip, to me, haha 😛 .

    • jampang Juni 12, 2015 / 16:13

      ah… that’s right. just enjoy everything in vacation

  4. Gara Juni 12, 2015 / 19:36

    Sometimes, spending time at home, just by reading books and watching television is the best thing to do in a holiday, but spending time in a tourism object would be great, too :)).
    Ah, holidays are there to be spent with lots of fun! :)).

    p.s. The photo is great! It looks like he come from the sky :hihi. It was taken in Sam Poo Kong, if I’m not mistaken?

    • jampang Juni 12, 2015 / 19:43

      everybody has his own way to spend holiday time.

      yup. it was taken in sam poo kong, semarang

      • Gara Juni 13, 2015 / 14:48

        Yes, I do agree! :)).

  5. Lia Harahap Juni 12, 2015 / 20:00

    I think when you’re not planning a trip sometimes can be fun. There must be a lot of surprises 🙂
    But for me, I don’t think I can’t do it. Since I panicked all the time hahaha.


    • jampang Juni 12, 2015 / 20:12

      i think that’s right. and the most important, i did that with friends, not only me

  6. damarojat Juni 13, 2015 / 09:03

    I think somebody else made the travel plan for you, so that’s why you never set up one hehe… you’re such a lucky person, mas.

    • jampang Juni 13, 2015 / 22:04

      for travelling, i’m just follower, mbak 😀

  7. monda Juni 13, 2015 / 21:02

    kalau kerjaan udah bikin sering jalan keluar kota, memang liburan terbaik adalah menikmati rumah ya bang

    kebalikannya kl kerjaannya di situ2 aja sepertiku itu, pengennya jalan terus ganti suasana

    • jampang Juni 13, 2015 / 22:02

      dapat tugas yang bisa dimanfaatkan waktu sisanya seh nggak terlalu sering, mbak 😀

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