[EF#23 Weekly Challenge] If I Mudik

jalan tol
A few days ago, my partner gave a leave form for employees. Most of my partners filled out the form with the start date and end date of leave that they would take. Some of them take leave before the feast. Some of them take time off after the feast. And the rest take time off before and after the feast if they still have a lot of leftover leave. My partners who took leave will go to their hometown. Mudik. For this feast, I did not fill out the leave form.

“Mudik, Mas?” The question was once asked of me.

“I mudik everyday. My hometown in Jakarta.” It was my answer.

“I will go home to Sukabumi!” It was my answer too.

If I answer with the second type, then there will be another next question. “Your hoetown in Sukabumi, West Java?”

“No, but Sukabumi Selatan, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta!” I answered the question with a laugh.
I was born, grew, and worked in the same area, Jakarta. All my family leave in Jakarta. Unless one of my sister who is currently staying in Kendal, Central Java.

Mudik, in my opinion, only known in Indonesia. I’ve never heard of a similar activity in other countries. If one time I mudik like my partners did, there are some conditions that I want in the mudik journey.

I want my luggage is not much. If there are souvenirs for relatives in my hometown, I wanted them are sent through a courier service. So my trip will not have many obstacles. I will not lift and carry them in my journey.

I want to go home quickly. I’ll get on a plane. It will more expensive, but it is fine. So I have to save some money to buy plane ticket.

“We all will go home. The differences are the time and the provision.”

I had read the sentences that appeared in the show on television a few years ago. They are reminded that all human beings in this world will definitely go home, return to the place where they came. The world is just a stopover place, where the occupant and it is not possible to stay eternally.

Hopefully, when the time comes I am going home, I’ve had enough provision to take a trip to the land of eternal named paradise safely and quickly. Amen!

—– For EF#23 – Mudik Preparation —–

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21 respons untuk ‘[EF#23 Weekly Challenge] If I Mudik

  1. rizzaumami Juni 19, 2015 / 23:03

    Let’s come back home, bang. Jangan di kantor aja, 😀

    • jampang Juni 20, 2015 / 20:31

      tentu saja harus pulang, masa nginap di kantor 😀

      • rizzaumami Juni 20, 2015 / 23:58

        kali aja udah siap bantal sama selimut di ransel, kan tasmu gede bang 😛

      • jampang Juni 21, 2015 / 09:27

        gede tapi tetep aja nggak muat kalau bat dua benda itu 😛

      • rizzaumami Juni 21, 2015 / 13:05

        haha, pake sliping bag, biar kek anak gunung bang.

      • jampang Juni 21, 2015 / 16:32

        niat banget ke kantor bawa begituan 😀

        nginep di kantor seh bisa aja. tapi ngapain kalau ada anak dan istri di rumah dan tempat tidurnya lebih enak 😀

      • rizzaumami Juni 22, 2015 / 20:49

        haha, tetep. iya dong, ngapain juga 😀

      • jampang Juni 22, 2015 / 21:09


  2. lovelyristin Juni 20, 2015 / 15:03

    kayak suami aku dong, lahir, gede, sekolah, kerja, nikah.. semua di Jakarta. pas nikah sm aku aja deh dia baru merasakan mudik itu gmn hahahahaha..

    • jampang Juni 20, 2015 / 16:39

      jadi tag linenya…. mau mudik? nikahlah!

    • jampang Juni 20, 2015 / 16:38

      ya… tapi kan ke kampung halaman

      • jampang Juni 21, 2015 / 09:20

        begitulah 😀

  3. zilko Juni 21, 2015 / 04:03

    Actually mudik is common not only in Indonesia though 🙂 . In the US during Thanksgiving, in China during the Spring festival, etc. To some degree in Europe too but this depends on one’s country of origin and religion 🙂 .

    • jampang Juni 21, 2015 / 09:25

      ooo…. the different is the time when they mudik yah

  4. Gara Juni 21, 2015 / 14:22

    Happy mudik, Mas :haha. The one who experienced Mudik in your family probably is your sister, ya. It is convenient indeed, as the Mudik is actually done everyday :)). Amen for your prayer :)).

    • jampang Juni 21, 2015 / 16:30

      thank you, gar.
      for this time, i think she the only one in my family.

  5. dani Juni 26, 2015 / 15:41

    I haven’t made mine for this challenge 😦

    • jampang Juni 26, 2015 / 15:45

      hhmm… maybe you are so busy 😀

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