[EF#14 Weekly Challenge] Shane Gooseman


In 2086, two peaceful aliens journeyed to Earth, seeking your help. In return, They gave the plans for our first hyper drive, allowing mankind to open the door to stars. We have assembled a team of unique individuals to protect Earth and our allies. Courageous pioneers committed to the highest ideals of justice. And dedicated to preserving law and order throughout the New Frontier, These are The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers!

The sentence above is the opening narration at the beginning of cartoon series “The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers”. One of the character in this series became my favorite cartoon character. Who is he?

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When I was a child, my family did’t have a television. Even the black and white one. If I want to watch TV, I have to go to my uncle’s house. It is beside my parent’s house. In the uncle’s house, there is a black and white television. That’s where I was watching television.

A few years later, my uncle bought a color television. His old television was given to my father. So I, my brothers and sisters could watch television at home even though only one channel, TVRI.

For me, the most exciting television’s program in childhood was cartoon movies. I had watch a lot of cartoon movies like Silver Hawk, Centurion, Mask, The Lone Ranger, Hi-Man, Ghost Busters, and The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. I will tell you about the last one.

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers is a blend films western style and science fiction. Western style is characterized by the presence of cowboy-style hat that worn by the characters and the horses that ride by them. The horse is not a usual horses, but robot horses. The setting itself occurs in space complete with spaceships.

There are four people as main characters. Each of them has unique abilities. With the abilities they can help each other. Their job is to protect the Earth and the alien who becomes an ally and justice.

The four main characters in the film The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers are as follows:

Zachary Foxx

He is the team leader. It could be said that Zach is a human half robot. His left hand, foot, and body replaced by robot items when he was wounded. Therefore, by touching the star-shaped badge on his left chest, Zach will have a super power. With the left hand, he can destroy anything in front of him either by way of a hit or release energy with tremendous force.

Walter ‘Doc’ Hartford

Doc is a computer expert. With his ability he can make a program that is able to control all types of computer networks.


She has the ability to use weapons and martial arts. She also has the ability to make a shield to protect her from various attack. But the shield could not last long. She also can deliver power to the people when she touches them, can see the past, the future, and able to get a picture of the situation and conditions in a room from behind the wall.

Shane Gooseman

Usually called Goose. He is my favorite character. His style is like cowboy. Perhaps the character is similar to Clint Eastwood when hie act as a cowboy. He has a super unique power. He has ability to use gun and fight. He also has the power to transform his body and his power like his enemy when he fight. However, the ability does not last long.

In 2011, the characters has recreated. How do they look? please click next page to see them!

So, who is your favorite cartoon character?

[EF#14 Weekly Challenge] Favorite Cartoon Character

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