[EF#25 Weekly Challenge] Iftar Together

“Eat together and mention the Name of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala to him, the food you eat will be blessed.”

The sentence above is a hadits from the Prophet Muhammad that teach about table manners for moslem. When people eat together in one place, then Allah will give a blessing to the foods and the people around them.

Ramadan is a month of blessings. In other months, many of us who work in an office that located in long distance from home did not have time to eat together with family, either at breakfast or dinner. We did not have time for breakfast at home because we have to leave early in the morning and did not get dinner together at home because when we arrived, it was getting late.

When Ramadan, there habits changed. Sahur can do together at home because it done before sun rises. Work hour in office is changed, so there is possibility to get home before iftar. Thank God.

There is another habit that only happen in the month Ramadan. Iftar together. Usually, we did iftar together outside of the house with colleagues or friends during school. The location that we choose is a food court or restaurants in a mall or shopping center.

Some times ago, I write my opinion about iftar together in a flash fiction titled “Berbaju Tanpa Bercelana”. Recently I opened email and get notification that my flash fiction become the chosen for Prompt #82.

I have less interested in iftar together at the food court or restaurant. Based on my experience, as I mentioned implicitly in flash fiction titled “Berbaju Tanpa Bercelana”, I have race with other people in finding a seat. Furthermore, I need to queue up for ordering food. After finished eating, I had to go to the mosque for praying. I had a long queue in ablution with other people who want pray too. After ablution, I had a queue again to enter mosque. Thank God, I can do maghrib on time. While there are still remaining queues for maghrib prayer while Isha almost arrived.

Based on that experience, I do not want to join iftar together at the food court or restaurant. If iftar done at home or mosque, I may consider it.

For as the opening sentence of this article, when eaten together, including iftar together, the blessing will be present. Meanwhile, if I join iftar together in this Ramada, while at home Minyu iftar her own, then it is very unfortunate if Minyu did not get the blessing.

Therefore, I prefer to iftar at home. Together with Minyu and Sabiq.

This is my submission for the BEC’s 24-Weekly Challenge with theme : Iftar Together.

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