[EF#24 Weekly Challenge] Dates and Juice

kurma dan jus

I love food. If the food was halal and not stale, I will taste it. But I am not a fanatic on one or two types of food. I do not require the presence of them at the dinner table every day or once a week. I’m not looking for food, but if it front of me, I will eat it.

The habit happen in this Ramadan. I never asked Minyu to prepare one or two types of food food for breaking the fast. It could say, until the ninth day of fasting, I ate different food every day. All the food made by Minyu in her kitchen as I’ve mentioned here.

However, there is one type of food that I was obliged to eat it at breaking the fast. The food was dates.


I tried to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah who recommends to break the fast with dates. I emphasize, break the fast with dates. Not with sweet thing like me. Although the dates are sweet. The food substances in dates is different with other foods. And based on some studies, dates are the best food for breaking the fast.

Beside dates, Minyu always made fruit juice or cold drink with syrup everyday. Minyu did not use ice for both types of drinks. After made fruit juice or drink, Minyu put them in the fridge and took out them before time to break the fast.

This is my submission for the BEC’s 24-Weekly Challenge with theme : Your Ramadhan Killer Recipe.

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