[EF#2 – Wildest Dream] Another Resolution


Perhaps, this journal is related to my previous two journals, which are entitled “Resolution 2015” and “[EF # 1 – One Word for 2015] Improvement“. So, I just combine my dreams that I want to achieve in both journals.As a blogger who published a book by a major publisher, I want to do it again. I want to publish a book, even a lot of books, like my previous book titled “Jejak-jejak yang Terserak” which was published by major publisher in 2013. I hope everyone can get “Jejak-jejak yang Terserak” in Gramedia bookstore until now. If possible, the book will be reprinted. 😀

If my journals that have been published in this blog cam not published by major publishers, I will publish them through an independent publisher. I have also published several books by this way. Maybe the sensation is different, but the point is same, publishing a book.

Currently, I already have some groups of journal that may be changed into several scripts. I have to arrange and edit them so they can be good scripts.

Besides publishing some books through major publisher, I also have a dream that my journals can be read in the media. Newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, I didn’t find yet a journal in blog or new journal that I will send to the media. : D

Another dream that is more important in my life is to become a leader of a good family. I want to be a husband who can educate my wife and make her happy. I also want to be a father who can educate my children and make them happy. I have to make a big plan, step by step, that should I do to realize the dream.

I hope I can make all my dreams happen.

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