last seen 10 years ago…

Dear Me,

How were you? I hope you were all right. You will have some interesting experiences from now on. I knew that. 🙂

Please do not get so shocked. I am just sending you a message. This is the only chance I have. And the time period is limited also. So please listen carefully. No, I mean please read carefully. 😀

I knew you were so busy with your final project at this moment. And eventually you felt worried about your future. Graduation, careers, your parents, and love #eh. Yes, you should be worried about those things, or the future will not tolerate at all. 😈 Kidding!!

Please, relax. Just enjoy your college life. Be grateful for everything that you’ve got. I knew that IDR 800.000 from your final project fee was not enough to pay the tuitions, meal allowance, and your parents’ needs. But, believe me, everything will be all right. Several months from you stand right now, from your time perspective, you will be graduated with a bachelor degree embedded in your name. Of course, your parents will be proud of you. But do not get cocky, because there will be some challenging situations ahead of you. Please beware of your stubbornness. It will kill you exactly. I am serious now. Please be kind to everyone. You were not the only one that need attentions. This world needs you more. Do not get be so angry just because you were offended by someone. Do not get be so stressful just because of a broken heart which caused by someone. I knew how you feel. Please forget it for our own sake.

There were so many friends surrounding you. Go get the advantages of it. You will have had your best memory with your college friends for about five months from now, again from your time perspective. I am attaching the evidence so you will have some spirit to finish your final project. The two of them will eventually keep contact with you via blogging like I do right now. Please check the person above you, and the second person from your left. And, of course, your position is at the bottom left of this photo. Nice to have right. 🙂


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